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Start With Why

Life is short. We can do anything we want with the time we're given. Making money is easy enough to do, but why are we doing what we do?

Our mission is to create a positive impact from our efforts. We believe there are technologies on the verge of economic viability that will drastically reshape every day life from transportation to energy creation and use. And that there are proven medicines and treatments to improve health and wellness that have been overlooked, underutilized, or dismiessed that can make an immediate impact on our loved ones. 

We aren't running a charity; we expect net investments in the teams that run these companies will return an economic profit as they create value. We ensure a competent team of experts at what they do is in place with a viable idea before investing. Everyone can win with good ideas. 

And through the incentives created via Opportunity Zones, we have an alignment of interests for a win/win/win/win scenario for our: investors, entrepreneurs, communities, and the countless future beneficiaries of the work we will enable.

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